About Us


Viktor Moiseikin launched his eponymous fine jewellery brand in 1993 inspired by Russian jewellery traditions, a passion for colourful natural stones and a great desire to express his own original ideas. By that time he had accumulated deep understanding and knowledge in the History of the Russian Luxury Art.

A descendant of skillful builders, designers and painters among his ancestors, Viktor Moiseikin managed to combine his artistic talent with brilliant education in International Management, Engineering, Physics and Economics.

The mission of MOISEIKIN Jewellery House is to keep the genetic code of the Russian Luxury Art, laid by the prominent Russian court jeweller Carl Faberge, to revive the time-honoured Russian artisans’ traditions and enrich them with state-of-the-art technological innovations in order to make all House’s art pieces second to none and relevant to the present.

Nowadays MOISEIKIN is a connoisseur brand, famous for exquisite craftsmanship, high commitment to quality and individuality. Being a young brand, MOISEIKIN is yet still credible and recognisable among many others.