Collectable miniatures


The Dog, symbol of intelligence and protection, promises to bring wealth and prosperity, success in love and in work. The each souvenir of MOISEIKIN is created in the best tradition of the Russian indoor sculpture, and embedded with a special magnet which attracts coins and energy. Silver souvenirs have individual numbers and are made in limited quantity.

Very clever, extremely brave and playful, the Dachschund will teach you to chase your dream and hit the jackpot whenever and wherever you are. Holdung the replica of the ancient Russian coin, such companion promises you to be flush with money all the year round! A money mascot and a wish of every success.
Nestling down the large replica of an ancient Russian copper coin, the French Bulldog enjoys the pitch of success and prosperity. The coin is connected with the natural stone base by a special mechanism which can turn. The hidden magnet attracts coins, making the souvenir a money mascot for the coming year. A perfect gift to a prosperous person or to the one you wish every success.
Getting cozy on a pillow, this charming Yorkshire terrier captures the full attention for his adorable features. Little sparkling eyes are soft and gentle, full of peace and love. A relaxed muzzle conveys calmness and dignity. Extremely detailed sculpture as real, this pretty terrier is always happy to cheer you up by her devotion.