Genuine Emeralds from MOISEIKIN

Nowadays, when science is able to recreate any substance, genuine creations of nature are becoming of special value.
MOISEIKIN is proud to present a marvelous collection of the natural Urals Emeralds, which structure has not been affected.
The Urals Emeralds are the crystals from the famous Malyshev deposit, once used to be known throughout the world. It was this particular mine due to which Russia used to be the greatest emerald supplier from 1830 to 1917. 
Later on because of the dramatic drop in production the mine was closed. And only after 1996 it was open again to search for the remaining minerals. Now each emerald from the Malyshev mine is an object of great rarity. You have a happy opportunity to see the pride of MOISEIKIN - the collection of these marvelous crystals- in the Company showrooms.
The collection contains both facetted and native stones.  But none of the emeralds has been treated. They are the ones that were created by the Urals nature!



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