MOISEIKIN Silver Rose at the Auction

For the 16th time on September 7, 2018, the "United Way" Foundation held a Charitable Golf Tournament in Raevo Golf & Country Club. This event aims not only at holding an interesting sports tournament but at raising funds for various programmes to help children with maxillofacial pathology and visually impaired, as well.

MOISEIKIN Jewellery House readily supported the project and granted a souvenir "Russian Rose" to the charity auction, which took place during the dinner before the closing of the event. This is a fine item of jewellery handmade of silver with the help of a unique technology using the moulds of petals and leaves of a living flower.

The work was put up for auction with a starting bid equal to 40 000 roubles. At the end of the auction, more than 6 million roubles were raised! The funds will be used to carry out the Foundation programmes, including the treatment of children with congenital maxillofacial pathology and the acquisition and training of guide dogs for blind people.


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