Jewerelly Art


Creating floral miniatures is a kind of traditional Russian art. As early as in the 18th century, Jeremiah Posier, the then jeweller for the Russian Imperial court, was creating unusual ornaments for the Empress Elizaveta Petrovna (Elizabeth of Russia). Among others, they included posies of gold and gems to be worn fastened to the bodice or waistband.
Carl Faberge also used to decorate his famous Easter eggs with floral miniatures the beauty and elegance of which cause people’s admiration even today.
MOISEIKIN floral miniatures combine both the traditional and innovative approaches. Miniatures are the interior objects, but some of their elements can be worn as jewels-  a brooch or a pendant.

Lilly of the Valley


The symbol of happiness, love and purity the Lilly of the Valley can decorate any room and become a precious gift to inherit through generations.

The delicate gold stem embraved with Akoya pearl flowers with pink sapphires seems to send forth incomparable fragrance. The nephrite sail leaves accomplish the replica of a tender spring flower. Lilly of the Valley is a floral partner of the young gracefully dancing goddesses friezed on the silver vase.

MOISEIKIN made this composition in best traditions of Russian Luxury laid by the famous jeweller Carl Faberge, and in the memory of the “Lillies of the Valley” Easter egg, one of the most favourite flower objects of Empress Alexandra Feodorovna.   




The Hummingbird miniature is a perfect embodiment of the tiny bird attracted by the flower fragrance. Fluttering over the composition, the bird looks weightless.

The gentle petals of light lilac flowers are covered with manual engraving. Both the graceful hummingbird, decorated with a large pearl, sapphires, brilliant diamonds and tourmalines, and the open-work gold leave, decorated with diamonds and demantoids, can be worn as charming brooches.

Every flower is made by hand from the most beautiful and rare semiprecious stones and completed by adding sophisticated jewellery details.

The silver twigs holding the flowers and the bird make the whole composition very light though luxurious




This delicate jewellery art composition decorating the obsidian casket is a set of fine jewellery pieces that can be worn individually as earrings, brooches, pendants and a tie-clip. The gold twigs of pearl - blooming Glicine decorated with diamonds, sapphires and demantoids are the ideal place for two tiny birds to sing the beauty of the world.

This elegant floral multi-purpose miniature is the authentic masterpiece which will adorn not only your home but your image on any special occasion.