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MOISEIKINⓇ  is a prestigious designer jewellery and lifestyle brand headquartered in the vibrant city of Hong Kong, with a dynamic workshop located in Bangkok. Our team comprises talented specialists, including artists, designers, gemologists, goldsmiths, and marketers, who collaborate globally within an extensive international network.

Our brand's heart is the most creative Viktor Moiseikin, whose unique background as an engineer and goldsmith infuses every creation with innovation and precision. Together, our team of dedicated artisans pours their souls and expertise into sourcing the finest materials available worldwide and creating the most beautiful and inspirational masterpieces.

Driven by a commitment to excellence, we strive to craft jewellery and artistic masterpieces of exceptional quality and creativity. From exquisite pieces for everyday wear to statement creations for special occasions, each MOISEIKINⓇ creation is meticulously crafted to exceed customer expectations and evoke lasting joy and admiration.

Today, in the MOISEIKIN group, over 100 artists, craftsmen, gem specialists, and goldsmiths are working with Viktor Moiseikin globally, pouring their souls and talents into creating magnificent gemstone and jewellery art. 


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